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News - Research Project ABANREDES

Some ABANREDES members are now part of a new research project in Paragüay

20 dic 2023 - 16:42 CET

The National Council of Science and Technology CONACYT of Paraguay has awarded according to Resolution 649/2023 the research project PINV01-1277 "Determinants of academic performance and dropout in secondary education in Paraguay" which seeks to address and solve the fundamental problems related to dropout in secondary education in Paraguay. The project involves the participation of members of the research and work team of the ABANREDES project such as Dr. Adolfo Hernández Estrada, Dr. Marina Segura Maroto and Dr. María Covadonga de la Iglesia Villasol, Professors at the Complutense University of Madrid and Dr. Jorge Daniel Mello Román, PhD from the Complutense University of Madrid and Professor at the National University of Concepción (Paraguay). The project is developed in a context of cooperation between the Universidad Nacional de Concepción and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, which will allow the transfer of knowledge and experience acquired in the ABANREDES project at an international level.

Historically, the study of the factors that influence academic performance and dropout in secondary education in Paraguay has been incipient. The project aims to identify the reasons behind low performance and dropout and to offer solutions to mitigate this problem and improve the quality and equity of education in Paraguay. To achieve this purpose, predictive models of academic performance and dropout will be built using personal, social, academic and technological factors.

This pioneering research in Paraguay seeks not only to shed light on the underlying causes of high school dropout in Paraguay, but also to suggest concrete measures to counteract the phenomenon. Early detection of the factors contributing to school dropout will allow for the design of effective strategies and the creation of an environment that encourages student retention and improves their academic performance. academic performance.

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