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José Luis Arroyo-Barrigüete presents in XXXI ASEPUMA Conference (2023) a teaching innovation project to reduce

25 oct 2023 - 11:04 CET

A teaching innovation project to reduce "programming anxiety" among university students (Ortiz Lozano, J. M., Arroyo Barriguete, J. L. university students (Ortiz Lozano, J.M., Arroyo Barriguete, J.L., Rua Vieites, A., Arbaoui Rouad, R).

The academic literature defines "programming anxiety" as "a component of computer anxiety, which is generated in students by anxiety, which is generated in students when they show an erroneous or dysfunctional evaluation of their ability to learn to program". of their ability to learn to program" (Connolly, Murphy, and Moore, 2007, p. 1). The number of studies on this The number of studies on this phenomenon has increased substantially in the last decade, and in the specific case of Spain, it is taking on a new
Spain, it is acquiring considerable relevance with the introduction of new degrees in Business Analytics (BA). degrees in Business Analytics (BA). Unlike what happens in STEM degrees, many of the students who enter the students who enter BA degrees do not come from a scientific baccalaureate background, so they often show high levels of anxiety. high levels of programming anxiety. The proposed work
is the description of a teaching innovation project currently under development at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas to reduce this "programming anxiety", through an online programming course that has an important peculiarity: it has been designed based on feedback from the students themselves, collected over a semester with the help of a collaborating student. Connolly, C., Murphy, E., & Moore, S. (2007). Second chance learners, supporting adults learning computer programming. International conference on engineering education-ICEE.

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