Research Teams and Lines


21st May 2018

Ángela Capel and Patricia Contreas on an article in El Mundo about their work organizing BYMAT.

17th Mar 2018

Canal Extremadura Radio interviews David Pérez García about the article "Size-driven quantum phase transitions" published on PNAS.

*Johannes Bausch, Toby S. Cubitt, Angelo Lucia, David Perez-Garcia, Michael M. Wolf. Size-Driven Quantum Phase Transitions (pdf). PNAS 2018 115 (1) 19-23.

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16th May 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Carlos Palazuelos: "Quantum Query Algorithms are Completely Bounded Forms".

4th May 2018 12:00h MathQI Seminar

Dmitry Kravchenko: "Quantum-entangled decisions".

25th Apr 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Patricia Contreras: "There is no maximally entangled state of three qubits in any resource theory of entanglement".

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