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17 th Mar 2018

Canal Extremadura Radio interviews David Pérez García about the article "Size-driven quantum phase transitions" published on PNAS.

*Johannes Bausch, Toby S. Cubitt, Angelo Lucia, David Perez-Garcia, Michael M. Wolf. Size-Driven Quantum Phase Transitions (pdf). PNAS 2018 115 (1) 19-23.

22 Jan 2018

David Pérez García appears on Tribuna Complutense on occasion of having being awarded with the "Miguel Catalán" 2017 prize.

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18th Apr 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Ludovico Lami (University of Nottingham): "Tensor norms and general probabilistic theories".

11th Apr 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Ángela Capel: "Quantum conditional relative entropy".

4th Apr 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Carlos González: "History-state Hamiltonians are critical".

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