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22 Jan 2018

David Pérez García appears on Tribuna Complutense on occasion of having being awarded with the "Miguel Catalán" 2017 prize.

15th Jan 2018

David Pérez García writes in newspaper El País about the article "Size-driven quantum phase transitions" published on PNAS last December. Go →

3rd Jan 2018

Quanta Magazine publishes an article entitled "Physicists Aim to Classify All Possible Phases of Matter" where David Pérez García is quoted.

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21st Mar 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Roberto Ferrara (University of Copenhagen): "Random private quantum states".

14th Mar 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Sofyan Iblisdir: "Computational complexity of PEPS zero testing".

28th Feb 2018 15:00h MathQI Seminar

Julio de Vicente: "Entanglement distillability beyond LOCC".

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